Sunday, August 01, 2010

Potentially unsubstantiated claims.

So a while ago I started a blog. 

It was great too; I would write things on here, and the ten or so people who read it would, well, read it. We all had a real nice thing going on there. Then I became one of those people who didn't blog all that much, and when I did, I would apologise to those ten or so people about how I write in the blog, and how, this time, things would be really different.

And so it went.

Recently, I've thought somewhat about how exactly this situation arose, and have put it down to two main contributing factors:
  1. A tendency to make notes about things I wanted to blog about, but would never get around to it, thus creating a strange feeedback loop in my brain where I couldn't continue with new things until I had posted something about the other fifty things I had yet to post about.
  2. A combination of laziness, and how facebook is a really good enabler for laziness*. Think about it, why write about things when you can just post a link to something, and then people can click on some java code that says they find the thing you like just as mildly amusing as you do. Genius.
The conclusion I have come to is that I in order to break this strange self-imposed cycle I would simply start writing again and see what happens. Seems like a logical enough idea to me anyway. So we'll see how it goes. I'm not making any promises, and I'm morbidly aware that I don't need anything else to distract me right now, but at the very least it could be entertaining for us all to watch. And that sure is something.

* This may technically count as three factors, but we can all just let this slide for now, yes?