Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Daniel used to live in Sydney but now he lives in London: 20th September 2016

Some very good friends of mine are posting a photo a day on Tumblr in order to document their journeys living overseas. Always being one to jump on a bandwagon, I thought I would also give this a shot.

Historically, declaring to do something for a sustained period of time has mixed results for me. What makes me think this might work this time is a genuine desire to take better pictures. Another has generously helped in this cause by providing me some sweet prime lenses to play around with.

The image above was taken with one of said lenses, immediately reminding me that there's a reason people use these primarily for portraiture. This is the view out of window where my partner and I are currently residing. I'm still getting my head around living somewhere with less trees and much more brickwork, but there is a quite sizeable park nearby - so that equation can be balanced after I recalibrate from being jetlagged and work out what day it is.

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