Thursday, September 22, 2016

Daniel used to live in Sydney but now he lives in London: 22nd September 2016

In the two days I've spent in Finsbury Park, this sign has loomed above ominously as I head into the Tube. At first I thought the sign was a relic of long-passed neon glory days, but standing beneath it is a living, breathing bowling alley - Rowans Tenpin Bowl.

According to legend the decor hasn't been updated since the 80s, and the neon signage is clearly in need of some maintenance. But the locals love this place, successfully petitioning to save it in 2014. I look forward to the inevitable Working Title film charting Rowans' phoenix-like rise.

I'm yet to step inside, but if the below advertisement is the be believed - and why shouldn't it - it will be truly worth the wait.

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Anonymous said...

In a past life I spent several late fun-filled nights at Rowans!
Hope London is treating you both swell.
x Jenn