Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Not So Topical

Some 18 months ago I said I would record a bunch of tracks within a month and release them immediately after that - I even published one of these tracks as a proof of concept, like this would somehow inspire me to actually do the thing I said I would do.

Somehow, perhaps predictably, this didn't happen as expected. However, after finishing the recordings I'd started last February, the resulting pieces of music were put on to Bandcamp under the banner of Topical. At this point, the music longer reflected any sort of commentary about anything happening at the time the project started, rather than a self-deprecating jab at the speed with which I finish things.

But it's done now, and you can listen to it above because the internet is good like that. And now that I've written a post that honours the completion something I've previous said I'd do, maybe I can properly move on to something else.

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